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Sunset Maple Leaf Makeup

Sunset Maple Leaf Makeup

The overall tone is brown, the makeup is clean, the color is saturated, and the overall makeup is very warm, very suitable for autumn, with the indifferent and poignant feeling of the sunset.

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1. Use a medium-sized eyeshadow brush to apply light brown eyeshadow on the eyelids to make a base, a little outside the folds of the double eyelids.

2. Use a tapered eye shadow brush to apply the maple leaf red eye shadow on half of the end of the eye, and smudge it with your fingertips.

3. Use a tapered eye shadow brush to pick up dark reddish brown eye shadow, draw a small triangle on the crease of the double eyelid at the end of the eye, and then gently smudge it with your fingers.

4. Use your fingertips to pick up the shiny golden brown, and put it on the center of the eyelids and the corners of the eyes.

5. Finally, add eyeliner and eyelashes. This eye makeup needs to weaken the eyeliner and strengthen the eyelashes, so just draw a natural eyeliner.

Teach you how to prevent makeup from falling off

Teach you how to prevent makeup from falling off

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1. Do enough moisturizing work. Dry skin is not easy to apply makeup, and oily skin is more likely to take off makeup because of lack of water. You can apply a moisturizing mask before applying makeup, or use a cotton pad dipped in lotion to apply to the face.

2. The liquid foundation is more transparent than the pressed powder. In summer, I tend to sweat and get oily, and my makeup tends to fade away under the attack of sweat and oil. A transparent and tenacious base makeup is very important. The liquid foundation should be selected according to the nature of your skin. If the skin is not troubled by acne or obvious redness, it is more natural to choose a light and thin liquid foundation. When applying liquid foundation, it is best to use a professional sponge block, and press it tightly to make the makeup last longer.

3. Oil sealing products have miraculous effects. The so-called sealing oil refers to products such as makeup primer, which can cover up pores, improve skin moisture, facilitate makeup application and prevent makeup from falling off. Before applying makeup, you can use oil-controlling skin care products to adjust the skin in the oil-prone areas and the pores on both sides of the nose.

4. Makeup setting powder is the nemesis of oily skin. The use of loose powder can further alleviate makeup. When applying powder, you might as well use a sponge puff, compact it a little, and then use a watering can to spray a few times at a distance of 20-30 cm from the face. Be careful to spray mist-like water mist and not become water droplets , Not too much, as long as it is even, then pat it with your hands to let the skin on the face absorb it faster.

5. Use waterproof cosmetics. Smudged eyeshadow and mascara around the eyes is a nightmare for delicate women. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara used in summer can avoid panda eyes. At the same time, when removing makeup, you must use professional makeup remover oil to remove it carefully, so as not to cause damage to the skin.

6. Clean oil stains. Before applying makeup, wipe off the sweat and oil on your face. Gently press the entire face with facial tissue or oil-absorbing paper, so as not to make the makeup uneven.

7. Repair base makeup. Take out the wet and dry powder in the cosmetic bag, apply the foundation in small amounts and many times, wet the sponge and squeeze out the excess water completely, and apply the powder with a slightly damp sponge to make the base makeup last. Use light pressure to apply the powder, starting from a large area of ​​the cheeks and applying it to the forehead, chin, and nose in sequence, paying attention to the nose, mouth corners, hairline, and midsection, until the new powder and old makeup are fully integrated.

8, take care of eye shadow. Some people’s eyelids are very oily. After a day, the eye shadow is mottled. Before applying eye makeup, you must use a cotton swab to remove the remaining eye shadow and then reapply the eye shadow. If the eye makeup is heavy and the damage is serious, you have to use lotion to clean the dropped eye shadow before applying the foundation, and then apply new eye shadow after repairing the foundation.

9. Reshape lips. Use a paper towel to wipe off the residue of the lipstick, then clean the exfoliated cuticles of the lips again, and sip your lips. Don’t underestimate this action, it can make the lip color as natural and rosy as if it was just kissed, and then add new lip gloss. Dip a little lip gloss with a lip brush, brush it on the center of the lips, and then gently blend it, it will give people a cool and fresh feeling. Apply a thin layer and keep it for a long time. If you apply too thick, it will fall off easily.

To read cheap brand name makeup in life

To read cheap brand name makeup in life

Life is a long journey, in which we are more often than not to pursue something valuable. However, not everything selling in high price is called valuable by common sense. Typically speaking, we say something cheap but special like the cheap brand name makeup could also be regarded as a shining star in life. Namely, like a book, we need to read it out ourselves by heart.

Cheap and luxury may be a twin in a certain age. By luxury”, we mean a pleasant and often expensive thing that is not necessary. From a historical point of view, things which were a luxury when they first came into being all became necessities later. When the electric bulb was first invented in the U.S., it was such a luxury that only government bodies could afford to use it. Nowadays, however, it has reached every part of the world. It is the same case with telephone, TV, and a lot of others, which were all luxuries years ago. However, by “cheap”, it is easy to understand and everybody knows when comes to our discount cosmetics outlet online.

Anything, no matter how luxurious it is, will become a necessity when it is widely used. This is true of many of the present luxuries, including mobile phones, cars, computers and many other things. It is known to all that the purpose of the development of science is to make things easy for the mankind, not for only a small number of people. Therefore, the first thing to do after a new invention occurs is to spread it so as to benefit as many people as possible. In the course of the spread, the luxury becomes decreasingly luxurious until in the end it becomes a necessity. This is an objective law, nothing can be an exception. From this point, we cannot confirm that our makeup sale online is not a luxurious objective before, but now it must have become a necessity in people’s everyday life.

With the quick development of science and technology, the process for many things to become a necessity from a luxury will be greatly shortened. Anything that can be imagined will be invented and in no time becomes a necessity accessible to ordinary people. As a contrast, when our cheap brand name makeup is more and more popular and everywhere not only in daily store but online, people will be easier to find and read out the true meaning between luxury and cheap. At then, they will see, our cheap makeup sale online is the best and most worthy of pursuing.

Why Do We Choose City Color Stargazing Body & Hair Glitter Rather Than Other Brands?

Why Do We Choose City Color Stargazing Body & Hair Glitter Rather Than Other Brands?

Nowadays, more and more people are fond of buying cosmetics. However, facing with so many products, most people have no idea how to choose a better one. Here we sincerely recommend you a famous brand named City Color Stargazing Body & Hair Glitter. As you can see the name, it means that this is the last best thing you can find in this world. Of course, we all know that its present meaning is not like that. But what we know is that an increasing number of people have chosen City Color Stargazing Body & Hair Glitter as their first choice. My dear readers, do you know why?

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First and foremost, City Color Stargazing Body & Hair Glitter has a reliable quality. Speaking of quality, I think we have no necessary to say more for quality is always the first standard of one merchant. There is no exception. Here we talk about its quality, mainly because that the quality is really as good as you can imagine. We can totally assure you that, once you buy it, you can pick out any problems at here but its quality.

Then, City Color Stargazing Body & Hair Glitter’s brand effect brings about more popular all around the world. We know that, as long as our life turns better a little, we are more willing to choose the good quality goods. But what is the good quality? As a common people, we have no professional method to test the quality in market and it is also not proper to do that. Then, how do we choose? Yes, we choose the famous brand. It is because its brand has a better brand than other brands in our nation that Chinese more like to choose it.

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Finally, smearing City Color Stargazing Body & Hair Glitter brings us proud. As a Chinese, we all know that we people like the feeling of proud, some claims it as dignity. Mostly, we call it having face. We can lose everything in society but face. That’s Chinese society, that’s what we care about, and that’s what we are doing. So, as it can bring us more face, then it is no doubt more and more Chinese choosing City Color Stargazing Body & Hair Glitter as their first choice. Generally speaking, Chinese men often buy it to send their lovers or girl friends. All in all, it has the brand effect, good quality and can bring us good face in society, that’s why most people like to choose it.

How City Color La Piña Eyeshadow Palette Help Me Win My Girl’s love

How City Color La Piña Eyeshadow Palette Help Me Win My Girl’s love

When I was a college student, I fell in love with a girl. That was a plain morning I was going to read in the reading classroom. Suddenly, she came into my eyes. So beautiful, so gender, that my attention was trapped into her body deeply and toughly. So I ran to my friends to ask him that how could I win her back.

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“That’s easy.” My friends answered, “You know what, that all girls are fond of beautiful things. You can buy something expensive or beautiful to her, and she must be yours from then on.” Listened what he said, I trapped into deep thinking. What could I do? All of a sudden, I saw an advertisement in the street about eyeshadow products. As their propaganda, once you buy eyeshadow, your dream would come true, and your loving would come to you. Yes, that’s exactly what I want!

But before I bought it for her, I dated her to have a coffee in somewhere and she agreed very quickly. It was because she agreed so quick that we had a very good conversation. When I talked about the City Color La Piña Eyeshadow Palette, I could perceive that her eyes became bright and she told me that was her long dream to own one. However, so poor as her family, she could only bury this dream into her dream, and hoped one day she could earn it by her own hands. What a good girl! I signed. After knowing that, I went to prepare. In the jewelry shop, I chose a best eyeshadow called City Color La Piña Eyeshadow Palette and asked the staff to package in a beautiful box. Also, I added my paper in the box. In the paper, I wrote to her, I loved you so much, would you like to be my princess? Then, the box was couriered to her.

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One day, two days, three days…I waited for the reply so hard. Finally, in the night of the third day, she answered me in We-chat. I could not forget that moment all my life. At that moment, she just said two words, but I thought it as two thousands, even two million words to me. She said that, I do. You know, I felt I was the happiest guy in the world right in that moment. Then I ran to her house and she had waited for me there. We happily hugged together.